Yacht Refit Management

Refitting and optimizing the maintenance of a boat always need attention and permanent controls International Sailing Projects assists Owners and Captain in this mission, in 3 ways :

  • Yacht Refit Managing
  • Shore assistance
  • Maintenance Chronological file

Skills and General propositions

We are qualified to answer to the specific requests of large yachts and professional vessels, particularly over 25 meters.
Polyvalent, we work on all construction trades: boiler works, polyester, carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, electrical, hydraulic, fittings, electronics…

From the beginning of the project to its delivery

iSAILING PROJECTS works directly with Owners and Captains.
We listen to your projects, receive work requests or damage reports, prepare changes, analyze failures, look for solutions before coming on board to maintain, renovate or convert the ship with local providers, if necessary.

An international influence

iSAILING PROJECTS is based in France, to operate all over the world.

Dedicated to large vessels

iSAILING PROJECTS ’s proposals are mainly dedicated to Maxi and Super Sailing and Motor Yachts, over 25 meters.
Our experience allows us to intervene also on professional maritime or fluvial boats.