Day Charter Catamaran

iSAILING PROJECTS guide you in your day charter catamaran’s acquisition, from the draft to the beginning of the operation, and even until resale, if necessary.We listen to you, guide you in choosing your boat and her options and advise you for good management and optimal profitability of your operation.

What’s a Day Charter Catamaran ?

Day charter catamarans are operated by independents, hotel keepers, receptive or “incentive” agencies eager to offer boat trips for groups from 28 to 150 persons.
They have the ability to navigate 6 to 8 hours per day in 1, 2, 3 or 4 outputs for 8 to 15 € / hour per person (excluding additional services.)
Specially designed and adapted for these trips, our day charter catamarans offer full of services and options for customers.
They belong to the well-known OCEAN VOYAGER range to provide comfort and safety.

The largest Day Charter range in the world

OCEAN VOYAGER Catamarans are constructed by the Shipyard NAUTITECH Catamarans based in Rochefort- sur-Mer, Charente-Maritime – FRANCE.
They come in the largest day charter series in the world ranging from 53 to 82 feet and can accommodate 30 to 153 people (including crew). They meet the requirements and regulations of their country of destination.

High quality Catamarans

OCEAN VOYAGER are high quality products known throughout the world. They are built “by sailors for sailors.” They are easy to use and maintain.
With a large area, high stability platforms and optimized design, they are both efficient and comfortable at sea.

A very high profitability potential

  • daily cruise tickets are genuinely sold between 8 and 15 € per hour, (excluding additional service),
  • day-charter catamaran have a large capacity (28 to 150 persons),
  • in some point of the world you can operate more than 300 days / years,
  • OCEAN VOYAGER maintenance and operation costs are very low,
  • there are many opportunities for additional services on board,
  • and it’s possible to use the sails and hull as communication media for sponsors, We let you do the math … !

A custom support for a custom catamaran

iSAILING PROJECTS advises you in your choice of boat, to meet your strategic objective, the regulations of the country of operation, and the services you want to offer your customers.
iSAILING PROJECTS fits your specifications.
We can propose also custom options that will distinguish your Catamaran from the others …
Upon acquisition, and if you wish, until resale of your boat iSAILING PROJECTS is your main partner !